LOVE ........ FAMILY .......... TIME   Each of these is very important to us.

             So is money, only because it gives us options in this life that God gave us. Options to have nice things, give to others, and create fabulous portraits of family.  Beautiful photography is an extra pleasure in life, one that will be shared for generations. Quality products, created by artistic people, that capture the essence of your family. Wow! 

              I cherish the portraits of my children, and my family. My Mom and Dad's portrait is so special. Dad died 11 years ago, that image and the memories that it brings up are NOT replaceable.  Portraits record our lives, the happy moments that we don't want to ever forget. Take lots of snapshots, record daily life on your iPhone (yes, I'm a Mac person), but always keep something in your budget for the Professional portraits.       

             You are looking your best, and yes, I do love the look that well done Photoshop retouching can give. Not over done just enhanced to let your true spirit shine. My favorite visual collection in our home is the wall of family portraits. It's a grouping of my favorite people in life. It makes me smile, it makes our house a home.  Check out the galleries, wouldn't you love to hav this for your family? Contact us today to begin capturing your story!


 Portrait sessions start at ...75

 Average Family Portrait ......700

 Average Senior Portraits .......500

 Business Portrait (headshsot)...150

 Real Estate Photography starts at...195